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In the beginning, there was glorious exposition…

In some manner, the Daemonaut story could be traced back to the early eighties with Derek and Chad meeting when they were 5. Though not chronicled in annals of elementary school rock n’ roll history, they didn’t really become friends until middle school. The two joined forces in high school with their metal band Enthrall.

Mark enters the story as he joined ranks with Derek in their band Lingo, bringing forth their brand of progressive funk rock to the Minneapolis music scene. Their tenure produced two well-received albums. Legend has it that this period in time gave way to Derek still wanting to arm wrestle all of Midnight Oil.

Roughly in 2015, Derek and Chad were without bands and started talking about forming a new group. In short order, Derek called Mark to see if he’d be interested in collaborating in a new project and thusly Daemonaut came forth.

Daemonaut began writing and playing material that would become their 2022 debut release, Interplanetary Trust Fall.

Their music draws upon a varied set of influences, allowing said inspirations to mix holistically without much interference from a ‘defined vision’ or dominance of a band leader type. Traversing a pandemic’s constraints Daemonaut released a remote live coVideo for the song Crux of Value and debuted live in 2021. In 2022 Daemonaut has already begun working on a follow-up release to their debut album and will play some more shows for audiences of real human beings.

Daemonaut band picture
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